Ten reasons why you should have an online resume!

The boom and rise of the internet brought about the need for everyone to take their life to the next level. Everyone who wanted to be found can now be found online with just a few taps. Gone were the days where you had to go about things in a twisted way before you could find someone’s name and number. All applicants who apply will be asked to send in an online resume which the company will be free to peruse. Online resume’s takes a lot less time and energy on the company’s part to cross check with the job description. So if you were a potential candidate looking for a job here’s ten reasons why you should have an online resume.

  1. Be the change:

    For decades now paper resumes have been the most popular way to go about applying for jobs. By sending in an online resume you show just how flexible you are to a change in trends. The better your resume looks the more adaptable you seem.

  2. Efficient solution:

    The online job search and hiring procedures are a much cheaper alternative than the usual norms. So when a company is looking to hire for a single or limited vacancy they choose to hire online instead of opting for expensive recruitments that may or may not drag out for days.

  3. Get Noticed:

    An online resume grants you greater connectivity than any other avenue. Once you have made a resume and put it up online, it is easy for interested parties to look for you and contact you. Right now there is no greater stage than the internet to showcase your best qualities!

  4. Enhance your skills:

    A resume on paper can only reveal so much about you that it covers all of your basic information. Beyond that everything that you show would be limited to the interviewers will to read it. On an online resume you can use certain tools to highlight all of the important details while at the same time let the interviewer see the basics.

  5. Easy to Distribute:

    Making a resume is only half the job done. The key to success lies in distributing your online resume on websites that help companies find you easier. If you are applying to a specific organization, then you can mail your resume to them along with a formal letter.

  6. Personal branding:

    Your online resume will be the beginning of an active life online. It gives you a unique identity online that would have otherwise have been lost. Employers are able to connect with you on a more personal level and before long you will have created a professional circle of colleagues you can reach out to for assistance.

  7. Flexibility:

    The most notable advantage that an online resume has to offer is its flexibility. You are free to be as creative as you want with it. Some applicants prefer to make a presentation of their resume while others like to take it a step further and create video resumes. The more creative you are with your resume, the more likely you are of getting a call back.

  8. Grab Attention:

    The online resume without a doubt gives you greater chances of being employed. If you had printed out a resume and sent it in for consideration, then there are good chances of it being rejected without a second glance. With an online resume you get to pitch your personal brand in the simplest and most effective way that would surely grab anyone’s attention.

  9. Reach Global:

    The online resume is also an excellent way to broaden your mind and expand your reach. Instead of applying for the same jobs in your country you now possess the ability to branch out globally and explore different jobs all around.

  10. Branch Out:

    The main goal of submitting an online resume is to find you a job that is completely in sync with your qualities. The variety of jobs online gives you rare opportunities to try new fields of work that you may not have otherwise considered.


Every resume is just as special as the next so make sure you put in your best effort to make it great. If you are not familiar with how an online resume must look, then you can seek additional help online. There are certain websites that help applicants out in this respect. By going through a few examples of online resumes you will have a pretty good idea on how to make one!

The internet and the social media websites it houses have completely changed the way we get find and meet people. Naturally businessmen and other interested parties saw an advantage to this scenario. They realized that it would be a lot easier to hire employees with the help of the internet than without. Before, they may have had to announce openings, interviews and even placements through advertisements and then hold several rounds of screening to find a person for the job. But now, they chose instead to put up job openings on their websites or on third party sites to attract applicants. So when you submit your resume online you open up a world of endless opportunities.

With an online resume you will not only be able to apply from any location of your choice but also to any company you like. The flexibility that it offers can only be experienced once you discard the old traditions and embrace the new ones. With a brand new online resume comes an online identity that is unique only to you. It will define who you are in an organization and when employers see that their wills no stopping them from hiring you! All you need to do is set the wheels in motion. Help your future employers find you faster by putting up your online resume on job inquiry sites or by applying for jobs directly. So the next time you think about applying for a job try to think outside the box and create an online resume!